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These 40 Days: Week 2

Are you a peace lover or a peace maker? I’ll admit, I have a difficult time entering into spaces or conversations where peace needs to be forged. I wish we could just figure it out, but things rarely- if ever – resolve on their own.

And here comes Jesus, telling us:

  1. God blesses those who work for peace, they’ll be called children of God.
  2. If you’re persecuted in any way for Jesus’ sake, be glad about it!

These two are found in Matthew 5:9-12, and if you were unable to join us in-person or online, you can catch up on YouTube or on Facebook (message begins at 31:00 mark). I’d love to hear your comments (even if we don’t see eye to eye); and if you think the service may be helpful to someone else, click the “share” arrow below the video. It’s an easy and free way to help others find themselves in God’s story.

I’ll encourage us again to be praying about who we need to make peace with. I’ll post a question tomorrow on our social channels (facebookinstagramtwitter) to remind us.

Jesus never really asks us to agree with him; he just expects us to do something with what we have; what we know.

I’m praying God will give us a restored holy backbone and be the peacemakers he’s shaping us to be. If you have answers to prayer, or a request for prayer, please let us know by prayer@belton.church.

Lastly, today is Tuesday. I challenge you to fast something meaningful today, so God may have your attention more fully. Prayer is at noon at the church; everyone is welcome.

You matter to Jesus and to me,
Pastor Derek

Oh yes! On Wednesdays at 6p, we’re meeting to talk about the message from Sunday, it’s a great opportunity to be with other people and be encouraged. Students leave for Temple 1st Church at 5:45p.

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