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  • District Assembly is this week at Living Word Church, Houston, TX
  • The Half Million Mobilization, The Power of Prayer, Praying to Pentecost
  • Sing a New Song to The Lord
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District Assembly

Sunday afternoon and letting you know that this week district assembly is happening in Houston, Texas. I living word church, and Nazarene all the pastors leaders, elected officers are getting together. And celebrating the wins that we’ve seen God do over the last, uh, year re well, okay. We haven’t really done this since 2019, so that’s, we’re celebrating that we’re still around.

So, uh, I’m very much looking forward to that. And my wife gets to come this year, which is super cool. Um, and then we’ve got Andrew and Kaitlin fun Stein who are going as our delegates this time around. And so. I’m asking you to pray for our time there. I’m asking you to pray for the leadership of our district, Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, Ray McDowell, Ishmael Flores, Matt price, um, and just that God would, would meet with us there and encourage us and inspire us. And so that we can come home and encourage and inspire you as well. So I’m asking for prayer. That’s the one thing I wanted to do in this video.

New Sermon Series: Praying Our Way to Pentecost

Number two is we’re going to be talking about prayer a lot for the next several weeks. The denomination puts a focus on prayer called the half million mobilization praying our way to Pentecost. And so what the idea behind that is that every Nazarene church in Canada and the United States w which is our region, um, would pray, uh, beginning this Sunday, May 1st, uh, pray all the way to Pentecost.

And so we’ll be looking at different ways to pray and how to pray, uh, And so I’m excited about that. One of our core values as a church, we said that we believe in the power of prayer and our raising up prayer warriors. And so we’re going to be talking about that for the next few weeks as we lead up to Pentecost.

Sing a New Song

The third thing I wanted to talk to you about is music. Thank you guys so much for really engaging in the music yesterday. I know that we’re doing new things, and I know that for some of you, that is a stretch because it’s not what you’re using. But that’s okay. Different is not bad. It’s just different.

Uh, one way that you can become more familiar with what we’re going to be doing. The coming Sunday is to check out the links below. And if I don’t put the links below somebody remind me, and I’ll try to put the links below, but, um, we put together playlists on YouTube and or on Spotify. And that way you can listen to the songs and hear how they go.

Cause I know the modern songs can, sometimes you. I don’t even keep up with it sometimes. So anyways, uh, we are going to keep doing hymns. We, we, we throw those in because, uh, they’re just too, there’s too good. A theology, uh, that we miss out if we don’t sing those. And, um, there’s something special about that.

So we are pressing into the future and we’re grateful for your flexibility with us as, uh, we’re singing, uh, what the Bible calls a new song to the Lord. So, uh, I’m asking for your prayers this week. I’m looking forward to learning more and praying more together with you, uh, this coming Sunday, and then I just wanted to help you learn how to sing along with the new stuff.

So, anyways, I love you so much. I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you soon.

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